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Basq Bounce Back Aromacology Spa Kit


Bounce Back Spa Kit is the perfect head-to-toe lift! Strengthen and firm in 2 steps, polish then nourish. Soothe swelling and fight fatigue with cooling eye gel and energizing lotion. Perfect during or post pregnancy or weight loss, and for an overall lift. This kit has all you need for gorgeous skin at tremendous value. Essential oils and plant extracts have powerful benefits for the body while their scents affect mood, energy level and overall health. Start with Citrus Sugar Body polish - the first step to toned skin. Massage into skin to prevent spongey areas from forming and settling in while the toning oils and butters strengthen and refortify skin. Follow with Resilient Body Toning Oil, packed with Essential Fatty Acids that actually work with your skin for deep, intense conditioning. Zap eye area puffiness and the appearance of fine lines with the cooling, refreshing eye treatment of our Cucumber Tea Eye Gel. Then for an overall fatique buster - use Energizing Body Lotion all over body. Revitalizes your body and mind for a refreshed feel.

The Spa Kit includes: (1) 4 oz jar of Citrus Sugar Body Polish, (2) 0.5 oz bottles of Resilient Body Oil, (1) 5 oz tube of Energizing Body Lotion, (1) 0.5 oz jar of Cucumber Tea Eye Gel.