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The Atlas 2-in-1 Pregnancy Band

$25.00 - On Sale

We love this all in 1 pregnancy band from the company that created the Cinch band. It has a belly support feature to give you support during pregnancy and a smooth post pregnancy tummy band - easy to adjust and swap out with simple velcro tabs.

Conventional wisdom may dictate that once you bear a child, all hope of getting your old body back is gone. The Band Specialist believes it’s about time that old wives’ tale was rewritten. To that end, they’ve just unveiled a new product, the Atlas™. Designed specifically for wear during the third trimester and the 6 weeks post baby and beyond, the 2-in-1 Atlas™ tummy band helps new moms regain their pre-pregnancy physique and confidence faster.

Some of the pre- and post-pregnancy perks include:
• Less back pain, fatique, swelling and stretch marks
• Prevention of spine curvature, thereby creating more space for the fetus to grow
• Improved circulation to the legs, thereby preventing varicose veins
• Less nerve impingement
• Freer movement
• Reduction in tension headaches
• Cold/warm back insert that reduces the need for pain medication and
• Abdominal support & Tone

Sizing is based on PRE-PREGNANCY waist measurements
FABRIC; 30% Nylon, 45% Polyester, 25% Spandex

Style # AABCOMBO28

Please not this set DOES NOT include the Cold/Warm Compresses.

Originally $95 - FINAL SALE